human resources policy

Establish a coherent HR means for the company or institution implementing a range of facilities including the combined effects will affect lasting and measurable impact on overall company performance. Some examples of return on the investment:

  •      A policy of welcoming new employees and their integration into the workplace fosters a sense of belonging to the company and their loyalty.
  • Regular assessment of benefits of employees is a real tool for personnel management, it allows development of skills and training needs, it is a tool for communication, motivation and identification of potential and desires. It is in preventing conflicts.
  • A policy of promotion of continuing training for managers and employees can develop their skills, improve service quality, increase the overall efficiency of industries, develop methods related to technological change, succession planning and promotions, increase the attractiveness of the company, maintain and develop the motivation, preparation of internal promotions, maintain the “employability” of employees, etc..
  • The resignation of employees as they retire, is an opportunity to identify any problems they encounter in their area with an exit interview and address them, thus avoiding other departures , an increase in absence rates, stress and lack of motivation, etc..
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