Quality charter

Quality Management included all stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers) in a dynamic of continuous improvement of performance of the Company. It aims to strive for excellence in our practices and to serve our Customers, our Employees and our profitability. Quality Management focuses primarily on:

  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Staff Satisfaction,
  • Security manufacturing, assembly and operation,
  • Economic Performance. relies on the implementation of methods for the ISO 9001:
  • The Process Management,
  • Resources Management,
  • Control of Production of Products and Services. The involvement of everyone is necessary to ensure the achievement of all objectives. organization set up to System Quality Management covers the Quality Manual, collection procedures and internal specifications, the process approach, which allow system efficiency and quality evaluation of results achieved against quality objectives quantified and planned in reviews.
Our commitments
  • Achievements according to your needs
  • High quality products
  • Your safety and that of our employees